Disasters in Parenting…

So I am incredibly curious to know if there are other moms out there that fail as often as I do? It is nearly impossible to establish the stable image I strive for when I am constantly forgetting appointments, am late, and confuse dates. And it is not for lack of trying–I live for my kids! I have no social life, so there can be no confusion that I am spending time or energy doing anything other than feeding, cleaning up after, mediating, and driving my kids all over. And yet, some how, on their first day back from Christmas vacation, I screw it up. I SWEAR I had gotten a text and call from the school at the beginning of vacation stating their first day back was going to be 2 hours late due to a teacher in service….looking back, maybe I was mistaken? Well, obviously I was, because at 7:30 this morning I get a call from the mother of the little boy I take care of during the day saying the bus is sitting at the end of the driveway waiting for us….and all my kids are still in bed. CRAAAPPP! I managed to get everyone to school but how do I recover from that without seeming like a complete airhead? Maybe I need to just accept it! I wish I could say it were an isolated incident…I guess I can say it was the first time the kids missed the bus! That’s something. So enlighten me, please! Cause so many moms out there seem like they have some little secret that I was not privy to when I had my children. I would love to appear together, organized, and well prepared–more than that, I would actually love to BE those things! Is this just how it is when a woman has five children? I would love to hear from some other moms with several children. I know several large families but if they have the same struggles I do, they won’t admit it. And I get the reason why….I hate that judgemental look, that feeling that I failed my kids (granted, they were just happy they didn’t have to ride the bus this morning) yet again in some small way. I swear I am a reasonably intelligent person so why do I feel like that respect of being a together mom constantly eludes me?


3 thoughts on “Disasters in Parenting…

  1. I’m no mother, so sorry about that 🙂 but I do understand you completely! I am the oldest child of 6 you see, so I kind of understand the hazards and roller coaster ride that is managing a big family. At 18 years old, lets just call me a live-in babysitter. I take the kids to school, help them with their homework, feed them, you know the drill.
    The thing is, I don’t do these all the time. Personally I think you and my mum are absolutely bonkers! But I also absolutely admire people like you and my mother. Because of your love of children, you’ve surrounded yourself with them, and I absolutely love how big my family is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    But back to the blog entry. I KNOW that all parents don’t have it under wraps all the time. Far from it!! Even the Prime Minister of England recently forgot his 8 year old daughter in a pub (bar) here in England. I think Parents all have the same problems, but there are many who SEEM together all the time. My dad forgot about my little 9 year old sister and picked her up 40 minutes late from cub scouts. Luckily, the leaders were packing up till late, but it was still embarrassing, and of course, you’re right- we’re not going to volunteer info on our most recent blunder to other parents. I mean, we’re already the freakshow family of six kids.
    There are several other examples, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that its really difficult for mothers of 5, as opposed to mothers of 2 or 1 for instance. Because people like you have to have a million things going on in you’re mind at once, a little thing like going back to school, is a mere detail in the complexity of your life, so don’t worry about it 🙂
    And hopefully when they get older, they’re also going to help you out in the sheer chaos of it all 🙂

    lots of love
    (from England)

    • My dear, I hope you know how important you are to those children and your parents! My oldest son just turned 14–he is 6 years older than the next child down and he is my right hand man! The last two years, my husband has had to travel for work and has been away every week for about 8 months of the year. I could not have survived without his help. There is a tremendous amount of guilt on my part for relying so heavily on him but it is coupled with a tremendous amount of pride when I think about what kind of father and husband he will make some very lucky girl one day. The kids look up to him with so much admiration….I have no doubt your siblings do as well! I admire my oldest sister to this day and she is, without a doubt, my best friend. All you oldest children of large families….thank you!

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